The FastVitaminIV™
Fast-Push Packages

The FastVitaminIV™ program is most effective when clients use the FastVitaminIVs™ on a regular basis (1-2x/week). If you eat broccoli only once a month, you will only get the benefits of broccoli once a month.

The same science applies to the FastVitaminIVs™. When you receive a FastVitaminIV™ weekly, you start to experience all the wonderful benefits that come with utilizing a potent, clean, super-charged vitamin IV.

We offer three packages designed for clients who are committed to feeling their best, who want to start a regular schedule with FastVitaminIVs™. Thank you for trusting in FastVitaminIV™, your leader and innovator in IV nutritional therapy.

FastVitaminIV™ 12 Pack

Purchase 10 FastVitaminIVs and receive 2 free! This 12 pack package is perfect for those who are interested in getting regular FastVitaminIVs without having to worry about purchasing one at a time.


FastVitaminIV™ 25 Pack

Purchase 20 FastVitaminIVs and get 5 free for a total of 25 IVs! This is for the serious health/fitness individual who loves having the FastVItaminIV™ as one of their health tools!


FastVitaminIV™ 65 Pack

Purchase 50 FastVitaminIVs™ and receive 15 free for a total of 65 IVs! In addition to receiving the 15 free FastVitaminIVs™, the purchaser of the 65 Pack will also receive 50% off all FastVitaminIV™ Roundtables (hosted personally by Dr. Koniver) as well as a complimentary consultation with Dr. Koniver (a $750 value).


Disclaimer: FastVitaminIVs™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.