The FastVitaminIV™ Fast-Push Technology
Tested, Efficient, Innovative

At FastVitaminIV™ your TIME and HEALTH are our first priorities. Unlike every other IV drip that takes 30/60/90 minutes of your time, FastVitaminIV™ has innovated the with the 60-second or less Fast-Push Vitamin IV delivered right at your office or home.

While others claim they can provide a “push” in 5-10 minutes, FastVitaminIV™ uses Dr. Koniver’s patent-pending Fast-Push technology to deliver critical nutrients to fuel your body.

Vitamin 10 C: Core Vitality

Our flagship formula. This FastVitaminIV™ is designed to build your Core Vitality. Strength, resilience, energy – Core Vitality gets you through the toughest days.

Discover 10:C Core Vitality

Vitamin 10 T: ToxiClean

We take the power of Vitamin Cocktail 10 C: Core Vitality and turn it into a wonderfully strong and effective IV nutrient formula to be used for detoxification.

Discover 10:T ToxiClean

Vitamin 10 R: Reboot

After building your core and cleaning your cells, the next phase of FastVitaminIVs™ we recommend is Vitamin Cocktail 10R: Reboot. Give your health a fresh start!

Discover 10:R Reboot

Disclaimer: FastVitaminIVs™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.